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Choosing a Therapeutic Separation

Fragile heartChoosing a Therapeutic Separation

Many Christian couples who are struggling in their marriages spend a great deal of time thinking about what their next steps should be. Perhaps you can relate, and you understand feeling as though you don’t want to give up on your marriage, but you’re just not sure that you have any other options at this point. A therapeutic separation might just be the answer you’re looking for.


A therapeutic separation involves living apart from your spouse for a period of time for the purpose of making a lasting change to a marriage that just doesn’t seem to be working out. The goal is to transform the marriage into a healthy partnership. Many Christian couples hear the word “separation” and they get nervous because they worry that a separation is only one step away from divorce. However, when you enter into a therapeutic separation, you may find that your relationship might not have survived without it.


Many Christian couples – who have only the best of intentions – try to heal their marriages by making changes in the marriage itself. However, according to the author of Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends, Bruce Fisher, PhD, that is not always the best approach for all couples.

A therapeutic separation works by giving each spouse the time he or she needs to work on personal development. The time spent apart will give you the time and the tools you need to heal and grow personally, which can offer you an excellent opportunity to create and build a new relationship with your partner. At the same time, you’re removing any pressure you might feel toward putting your bruised or broken marriage back together.


Of course, there are always alternatives to a therapeutic separation. Some couples wish to continue on in an unhappy marriage for the rest of their lives, or at least until the children are grown and have moved out of the house. For others, they don’t see another way out, or they’re tired of looking for a way to fix the marriage, so they opt for divorce. Both of these alternatives can be devastating, and they can lead to months, or even years of pain.

As a Christian Marriage Coach and Counselor, I’ve helped many couples who are facing problems that are very similar to what you might be facing in your marriage right now. While it might be difficult for you to envision yourself as being separated, I believe you’ll find that taking a little bit of time to work on yourself now will provide you with an excellent chance to build a beautiful relationship with your spouse later on.

If you’re struggling in your marriage, I would love to talk with you about your options, and help you find the tools you need to heal personally, as well as in your relationship with your spouse. Call us today at 843-379-0288 or book your appointment through our online scheduler. If you live outside the Beaufort, SC, we can also work together either by phone or video call.

In a world that looks at divorce as being the only answer, it’s important to know that there is a Christian Marriage Coach and Counselor you can talk to who can help you find alternative solutions to your marriage problems that can help you heal, and make your marriage stronger.

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