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How I Help

Let’s Get Started

Dr. Carol Erb is committed to helping individuals who have maritial problems create a plan to possibly save their marriage and work through the sometimes challenging aspects of married life. Clients come to her at all stages of the marriage process.

  1. Newly married
  2. Married for years
  3. Discovering infidelity
  4. Considering separation
  5. Contemplating divorce

She specializes in issues regarding:

  • Communication problems
  • Anger & conflict resolution
  • Frequent power struggles
  • Withdrawal or isolation
  • Loss of sexual intimacy
  • Infidelity & broken trust
  • Pornography & sexual addiction
  • Faith & spiritual beliefs
  • Narcissitic abuse

Length of sessions

I meet with clients for 50-minute sessions.

Duration of sessions

Carol Erb, Ph.D has a step-by-step plan for individuals that get results. She doesn’t work directly with couples. She begins with the spouse in pain. She suggests you book regular weekly appointments in the beginning in order to experience the transformation needed for a marriage in crisis; or for the emotional support required during the challenging aspects of adultery, constant arguing, sexual sin, a spouse wanting divorce or narcisstic abuse.  After several weeks we will decide together when it is time to reduce the frequency of sessions. Sometimes you may find you want a longer time in-between appointments for assignments, reflection, journaling and prayer. We will decide together what works best. She will give you a specific plan of action.

Phone and video sessions

For your, comfort and confidentiality  I provide phone and video sessions. Your location is no problem and is especially helpful to those who:

  • Prefer not to travel
  • Don’t have a Christian marriage coach or counselor in their community
  • Desire sessions in the comfort of their home or office
  • Have young children and find it hard to get a sitter
  • Are disabled or have health limitations and find phone or video sessions more suitable

Here are your next steps:

1. Please call or text today at 843-379-0288 and Dr. Carol Erb is happy to give you more information.

2. Or if you are ready to get started right away, click here to schedule an appointment online.

3.  Prefer email?  Contact us here at