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1. Can you promise me I will stop feeling so overwhelmed in my marriage or relationship?

We wish we could guarantee that.  We do promise to show you how to make changes in your marriage or relationship and show you ways to do so through proven strategies. We can say that most of our clients feel better quickly and that we will do our best to help and support you on your journey. Your thoughts and feelings matter as well as your opinions. We will also include the use of scriptural principles. We will pray for you and then you can decide what path you want to take in your marriage or relationship.

2. Do you offer services to Christians only?

No. Our services are non-denominational. We work with a variety of people from different backgrounds. However, we offer services to Christians as a benefit for those clients who are seeking that service. Many people seek out help when struggling with issues pertaining to faith. In these cases we use biblical principles to help guide them. However, whatever your beliefs or background,we will always respect them. We accept individuals in my practice based on their needs and our specialties.

3. What if I want to work with you but my spouse or partner does not?

Many individuals find that as they seek help and feel better, the relationship begins to improve. We will do my very best to provide you insight and teach you about yourself showing you good skills you can use in  your marriage or relationship. Don’t let coming in by yourself stop you from getting the help you need.

4. Where do we meet?

All sessions are provided online via a secure video call or by phone from the comfort and privacy of your home, office or car.  Your location is no problem.

5. How do I get started?

So glad you asked! We understand that seeking help from an unbiased third party takes a bit of courage, but we want to make it as easy as possible for you. You can schedule a session on our online scheduler above or you may call us at 843-379-0288 in order to get you started.

6. How long should we meet?

That is up to you. If you have something immediate to work on, such as an important decision about a relationship, just a few sessions will be enough. If you wish to work on more detailed issues and goals it might take a little longer. Our clients usually are able to tell rather quickly when they start to feel better. We decide together when to end our work together.

7. Do you take insurance?

Because we wish to give you the greatest flexibility and privacy in our sessions, we do not work with insurance companies nor do we assign you a mental health disorder diagnosis. But, do not be discouraged as many people we work with are surprised to find out that we are able to keep our fees lower because of this choice. If you wish to receive reimbursement from your insurance company, we will gladly provide you a receipt for payment to submit for any services you have received.

8. How much is the investment?

When booking either an individual session of a couples session you are investing in rebuilding a marriage that works or discovering you can have peace and confidence while dealing with the present and facing the future.  If you do the work and I know you can, then you have every opportunity to earn back your investment and more. Our fees range from $175 per session depending on whether your want an individual session or a couples session.

9. What if I have more questions?

No problem. Just call for a free 10-minute phone consultation at 843-379-0288 or email us at and we will respond to your questions.