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Military Christian Marriage Coaching

Military coupleMilitary Christian Marriage Coaching

Almost all married couples and others in committed relationships face problems at one time or another in their relationship. Military couples are no different, often facing challenges that are specific to their unique circumstances. If you choose to seek help for problems in your relationship, how do you know if the professional you choose will understand the unique demands of military life? Do you prefer a marriage coach who shares your Christian values when it comes to difficult relationship problems? How do you know if you can trust them to keep what you share private?

Dr. Carol Erb understand that marriage coaching for spouses of servicemen sometimes raises different issues than helping other couples. As a private marriage coaching practice, Dr. Carol Erb is also committed to maintaining your privacy at all times.

Here are a few of the issues we regularly help Parris Island military couples work through:

  • When one of you is in service in the military, feelings of isolation cut both ways. A service member has made a commitment to the military that puts mission first. For their spouse or partner, they may feel they have little control over their family’s life and even experience jealousy or resentment over their partner’s loyalty to the military.
  •  Service members, as well as their spouses/partners, often feel that no one understands what military families really go through. On top of that comes physical isolation in your relationship if you or your partner is deployed. He or she will invariably be away on holidays, birthdays or other special family events-times when it feels unnatural to be apart.
  •  Deployment, extended time away, hours that fluctuate, long training sessions-these are just a few areas of military life that can require you to be apart 24/7. It becomes difficult to plan ahead or establish consistent routines. The ever-present possibility of being faced with a move makes life even less predictable for Parris Island couples. Some military spouses enjoy the sense of adventure that comes with moving; for others, especially when a couple has children, it can be very stressful.
  •  When a married military member is away, their spouse is usually in full control of the household-making decisions about everything from finances to child rearing. Worse, when a husband or wife returns, the one who has been away usually wants to resume his or her usual role in household management. The partner who stayed behind might have mixed feelings: on the one hand, he or she welcomes the help; on the other, they may feel their judgment is being questioned or undermined. It’s a difficult adjustment for both.
  •  Trust can also be a problem for couples dealing with long separations. If there is any concern about an absent partner engaging in drug or alcohol abuse, infidelity or pornography, it’s amplified when they’re away. The more often you’re separated, the more difficult it can be to trust each other.

Dr. Carol Erb serves spouses of servicemen by offering discreet, marriage coaching to help you get through any challenge you face in their relationship. Please call her today. She’s here to help.

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