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Christian Therapeutic Separation

The Beaufort Center for Marriage is devoted to helping people in all areas of relationships, from preparing for marriage to working through a wide variety of marital issues. Our services also include helping clients through one of the most painful struggles of all: surviving a marital separation. Christian therapeutic separation services help you accept the past, cope with the present and rediscover hope that things will get better.

What are your Christian therapeutic separation services?

People go through a wide range of emotions before, during the stresses of a separation. Guilt. Anger. Grief. Fear for the future. It’s extremely normal to have these feelings—in fact, it would be unusual not to have them.

A Christian therapeutic separation helps you understand that during what feels like one of the loneliest times of your life, you are not alone. We can help you work through feelings that you have somehow failed God, or that God has failed you by not changing your spouse’s heart if he or she chose to seriously betray a the marriage. We are here to help with all concerns specific to you and your situation. With implementing a therapeutic separation, we will help you through this together.

What is a Christian Therapeutic Separation like?

Often a couple will choose a therapeutic separation, which is a structured time apart which can help a couple heal a marriage that isn’t working.
This process offers you peace of mind knowing that this form of separation is designed to transform the basis of a marriage – moving it from neediness to
health. A successful Therapeutic Separation requires that both spouses be committed to individual coaching sessions.
A therapeutic separation is intended to be a positive experience for you, your spouse and your children. With our help, you will craft a customized plan allowing you control over finances as well as parenting plans.  Your privacy is ensured as the confidential process we implement prevents public disclosure of you private details.  And we will include your beliefs in the process.  We welcome any clients who are seeking Christian Therapeutic Separation services to help you get through this difficult, challenging phase in your life. You deserve to find peace and hope for the future.

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