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At the Beaufort Center for Marriage, we provide services to include Christian coaching and counseling that combines experienced professional services with an emphasis on Christian values and guidance.

Why choose Christian coaching and counseling?

For many Christians, the issues that affect their relationship or marriage are intertwined with their religious beliefs and personal journey of faith. Christian marriage coaching and counseling is an excellent option for those who wish to work through their relationship challenges in a Christian context.

We are open to people of all faiths and belief systems

A Board Certified Marriage Coach and Counselor, Dr. Carol Erb welcomes clients of all backgrounds who seek to save, strengthen or repair their marriage, or even recover from the pain of divorce. Our work is based on helping you gain the skills you need to be successful, from identifying difficult obstacles to developing healthier communication patterns. For those who seek our expertise in a variety of services we focus on combining effective Christian coaching and counseling with solid biblical principles.

What to look for in Christian services

If you have any questions about seeking Christian marriage coaching and counseling, we recommend you book at free 10-minute phone consultation in order to get your questions answered and to see if you think we are a good fit.

Meanwhile, please visit our “Praise” page to read what other clients have said about our work in the field of Christian marriage coaching and counseling.