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Christian Premarital Services

When you suggest Christian premarital services to couples, you’ll hear a wide variety of responses. Some readily embrace the idea, others are lukewarm, while still others think Christian premarital services are only for couples whose relationship is already in trouble.

Why would we need Christian premarital coaching when we already have a happy relationship?

A couple does not need to be experiencing doubts about their upcoming nuptials to benefit from Christian premarital services. Many clients seek Christian premarital services as part of building a solid foundation for the life they are planning together.

What are the goals of Christian premarital coaching?

That depends on the couple, but we can help you identify a number of questions to ask and areas to consider as you prepare for marriage. Do you know each other’s true wishes about having/raising children, personal and career goals, or other issues that will impact your lives in the years to come? Do you have effective, compassionate communication skills for working through unexpected challenges? Are there any unresolved issues leftover from your dating days?

Those are just a few of the issues we can work on in Christian premarital coaching offered. And remember, it’s not a sign of doubt or weakness to seek Christian premarital services; instead, it demonstrates a shared commitment to building a solid marriage that will only grow stronger over time.

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